OLLI at Granite State College is an organization with four NH locations offering fun educational classes to those over 50 at a very reasonable cost.

The most current classes being offered in Conway are listed below:

Abenaki & Yankee Cultures: Crafts, Architecture & Covered Bridges

30450                                         Class Size: Min: 8  Max: 15
1 Friday: 5/20              10:00-11:30 AM and 12:30-2:00 PM
Salyards Center for the Arts, 110 Main Street, Conway
Member Class Fee: $20

Morning session will be at the Salyards Center for the Arts, a museum containing artifacts and paintings emphasizing the heritage of the White Mountain region.  It will consist of a lecture, slide show, and the viewing of materials from the Abenaki culture in Conway.  The presentation will also include a brief history of covered bridges and how they relate to the Native Americans. Afternoon session will be a field trip to one, possibly two covered bridges within one mile of the museum.

Bob Cottrell is the Curator of Conway Public Library's Henney History Room, Curator of the Conway Historical Society, Consultant to Tamworth Historical Society and is an independent consultant (curator for hire). He has a master's degree from the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture and has worked in the field since 1980.

Art Galleries Tour In The Lovely Village Of Jackson, NH
30458                                         Class Size: Min: 8  Max: 60
1 Friday: 4/1                                                  12:30-3:00 PM
The Cassidy Gallery, 95 Main Street, Jackson
Member Class Fee: $15

Visit four unique art galleries representing many contemporary and historical White Mountain Artists. First visit the Cassidy Gallery in Jackson Village, then travel to the Jackson Museum of White Mountain Art for the exhibition called "Personal Favorites: Collectors of White Mountain Art," then on to the Ellis River Art Studios founded by deceased OLLI teacher Carl Owen, and finally to the Jackson Art Studio and Gallery. Some walking is involved; one stop is not handicapped accessible. Enjoy early lunch together at one of the local restaurants in scenic Jackson Village.

Nancy Cassidy is an accomplished artist who owns the Cassidy Gallery, which has works of over 40 New England artists. She is also a founding member of the art cooperative, Ellis River Art Studios. Warren Shomaker is the President of the Jackson Historical Society, and artist Melanie Levitt owns the Jackson Art Studio and Gallery.

Best Books of 2016 and Beyond
30466                                         Class Size: Min: 5  Max: 50
1 Tuesday: 4/5                                             10:00 AM-Noon
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

What are the hot new books? Get ready to make your lists. The class will focus mainly on fiction books and will include all the highly anticipated titles coming out soon, as well as some sleeper hits that you can discover first. There will also be a concerted effort to include upcoming nonfiction titles. Plus, we will talk about smaller press regional titles. Share your favorite reads, too. As an added bonus, participants will go home with a new book to read.

Laura Cummings is the owner of White Birch Books in North Conway Village. A major part of her job is to steer people to the books they might love, so she is constantly reading in a variety of genres and discussing what she reads with anyone who will listen.

Better Cooking Through Chemistry
30468                                         Class Size: Min: 8  Max: 15
2 Tuesdays: 5/3-5/10                                       5:30-7:00 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Drive, Conway
Member Class Fee: $20

Understanding some very basic chemistry will hone your cooking skills. Why might you brush pastry with egg whites? What does salt have to do with flavor?  What does it contribute to the boiling process? What about many other additives? Is an aluminum pan, a clay pot, or a cast iron skillet better for what you are cooking?  Why? No previous understanding of chemistry is necessary. A basic introduction to chemistry quickly leads into understanding why some ingredients lead to better taste or texture in the final product.

Ava Honan is a professional engineer with a love of both chemistry and cooking.  A former chemistry student of hers once informed her that his love of chemistry helped make him an excellent professional chef.  She would love to share chemistry and cooking with others.

Beyond the Hearing Aid: Hearing Assistive Technology
30469                                         Class Size: Min: 5  Max: 25
1 Thursday: 5/5                                            10:00 AM-Noon
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

Never miss a sound with new technology. Learn about Assistive Listening Devices, Loops, TV EARS, visual alert doorbells, smoke detectors, phone flashers and transmitters. Learn all about Apps for accessibility that can be used to enhance hearing, vision and speech. Telecommunication is the connection to the world. Learn about the various options to talk on the phone and to read what is being said by others.

Joan Marcoux,  the Communication Access Specialist with DHHS, promotes communication access for individuals who have hearing, vision and speech challenges.  In addition to conducting trainings statewide, she meets with individuals to identify the technological aids to enhance their hearing.

Bretton Woods and the International Monetary Conference: History Alive Today
30474                                       Class Size: Min: 10  Max: 36
1 Tuesday: 5/17                                      9:30 AM-12:30 PM
Omni Mount Washington Hotel, Route 302, Bretton Woods
Member Class Fee: $15

Twenty-one days after D-Day, 71 nations gathered to devise an international monetary system for a post WWII world. What they accomplished guides our world banking system today in spite of the fact that the chief US negotiator was a Russian spy who summered in New Hampshire. How did the FBI use sweet peas to gather intelligence? What spooked the hermit of Bretton Woods? Why was the general manager of the hotel fired on day one. All this and more!

Carl Lindblade has presented OLLI programs for over ten years. He enjoys New Hampshire history and especially the role that hotels have played in that history, having been a hotelier for three decades and now an affiliate professor at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.

Chair Caning: Restore-Recycle-Reuse
30478                                           Class Size: Min: 2  Max: 5
6 Wednesdays: 3/30-5/4                                 2:00-4:00 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $75 Includes Supplies

This class will cover the six steps it takes to create the traditional cane weave. The chair you bring to class needs to have drilled holes around the seat frame for this weaving technique. (If the chair has a groove around the seat then that is a different technique and not appropriate for this class.) Participants will have homework to do between classes if the step is not completed during class.

Vikki Thelemarck started weaving using the Shaker weave to complete the chairs. Requests for repairs of other weaving techniques created the opportunity to learn caning, rush and ash splint. What started as a hobby has now transitioned into a family run business.

Colorful Characters and Legends of The White Mountains
30480                                         Class Size: Min: 6  Max: 50
1 Tuesday: 4/12                                           10:00-11:30 AM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

Meet and learn about several figures in the history of the White Mountains of New Hampshire, such as Indian chiefs Pemigewassett and Chocorua, the Willey family, Granny Starbird, healer and midwife, and the mysterious English Jack.

Dawn Mulvey is a retired teacher who taught NH history to fourth graders for many  years and used re-enactments and story telling to enhance her students understanding and enjoyment of New Hampshire history.

Decorate A Ukrainian Style Egg: Intermediate
30485                                           Class Size: Min: 4  Max: 8
1 Tuesday: 3/22                                             12:30-3:30 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $18 Materials included

These are not your grandkids' Easter eggs! Decorate your own holiday egg in the distinctive Ukrainian pysanka style, using wax-resist method on a real egg.  Melt beeswax over a candle, draw lines of wax on a raw egg with a traditional waxing tool, dip the egg in dye, and watch your pattern appear.  The finished eggs will be varnished and hollowed, creating a permanent keepsake.

This class session is geared to people who have some previous experience making  pysanky.  We will be doing a different, more complex design than last year's beginner class.

Jodi Smith lives in Lovell, Maine.  Her ancestors came to America from Lusatia (a Slavic minority in what is now Germany) in 1854, hoping to protect their Slavic language, culture and religion. She decorates eggs in both the traditional Lusatian and traditional Ukrainian styles.

Do You Want To Be Smarter Than Your Android?
30489                                         Class Size: Min: 5  Max: 12
1 Thursday: 4/21                                              1:30-3:00 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

If you want to feel smarter than your Android and use it for more than just making calls and browsing the Internet then come to this class. You'll learn how to manage your settings, icons, new software versions and contact lists. Find out about useful apps that come with the phones such as navigation and texting while also learning how to download other apps. Learn about security and emergency features. Similarites with tablets will be noted. Requirements: You must bring your Android phone (purchased in 2013 or newer), your password and have familiarity with browsing the Internet for this hands-on class.

Sarah Sheppard has spent 15 years in the tech field. She is currently working at Verizon Wireless Zone as a Google/Android phone expert.

Do You Want To Be Smarter Than Your iPhone?
30490                                         Class Size: Min: 5  Max: 12
1 Thursday: 4/21                                         10:00-11:30 AM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

If you want to feel smarter about your iPhone and use it for more than just making calls and browsing the Internet then come to this class. You'll learn how to manage your settings, icons, new software versions and contact lists. Find out about useful apps that come with the phones, such as navigation and texting while also learning how to download other apps. Learn about security and emergency features. Similarites with iPads will be noted. Requirements: You must bring your iPhone 5 or 6, your password and have familiarity with browsing the Internet for this hands-on class.

Bob Mancusi, besides being an avid iPhone user, has been teaching Apple technology for 35 years. He has also been the Technical Director of several school districts.

Doing What Matters Most In The Second Half Of Life
30491                                         Class Size: Min: 4  Max: 16
2 Tuesdays: 4/12-4/19                                     6:30-8:30 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $20

This interactive workshop will help guide you from where you are to where you want to be. Gain clarity and create the change you want around living a more-fulfilled, meaningful and passion-filled life and learn how to change the beliefs that limit your ability to have the life, relationships and success you deserve. Come along on this transformational journey with us!

Howard Stanten and Ein Wright are certified leadership, small business, and life coaches, passionate about helping people realize their full potential. As founding partners of INTUS Personal and Group Transformation, they use their lively intuition to help people discover their own path to a fulfilling and balanced life.

Facebook For The Perplexed
30495                                         Class Size: Min: 5  Max: 15
1 Thursday: 4/14                                              5:15-6:45 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Drive, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

Friends told you to get on Facebook. You set up an account. Now what? This course will help you stay in touch by covering basic use and navigation of Facebook. You will be instructed in the basic structure and layout of Profile pages and Newsfeeds, how to Comment on and Like posts and Facebook Messaging. We will also cover Finding Friends and accepting Friends along with basic privacy issues. Requirements: You need an existing Facebook account with password on non-Apple products and Internet browsing experience. No equipment is required. Handouts will be provided.

Andrea Libby has been in the tech field for a number of years and was the head of the Cranmore IT Dept. She currently runs her own company called Libby Computer where she helps clients with software, hardware and security issues. This will be her third OLLI tech class.

Great Decisions 2016-Conway
30515                                         Class Size: Min: 6  Max: 15
6 Mondays: 4/11-5/16                                     1:00-2:30 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $65 Includes book

You don't have to be a news junkie to know that what happens in some far-flung corners of the planet will have significant impact on everyday life in the U.S. The Foreign Policy Association has compiled some thought-provoking essays, complemented by specially produced videos that we will read, view and discuss. The weekly reading assignments are short (10-15 pages) but cover in-depth relevant global issues: war and peace, science and medicine, religion and ethics, education and culture, economics and trade to name just a few.  Come to render your opinion, or just listen to those of others.

John Peterson has participated in the last six years of Great Decisions in Conway and was the moderator the past two years.

Hiking the Mountains with OLLI Friends
30529                                         Class Size: Min: 5  Max: 20
1 Tuesday: 4/19                                           10:00 AM-Noon
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

Having trouble getting motivated and in shape to go hiking again? Join Betsy Gemmecke and John Peterson for a class to enthuse and prepare. At this class we will organize an OLLI social group around regular hiking and will set up a hiking schedule for all those interested. We will discuss proper gear and a plan to go from very easy hikes to more elevation. At this class we will also take a starter walk in the woods from Granite State College in Conway.

Betsy Gemmecke has been hiking for years in the Mt. Washington Valley and loves to have others join her. John Peterson is always on the trails exploring, whether hiking, snow shoeing or skiing.

Interior Design: Where Do We Start?
30534                                       Class Size: Min: 10  Max: 50
1 Tuesday: 3/29                                               1:00-3:00 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

This class will explain the process of working with a design professional to dispel the myths of expense and intimidation.  We will walk through creative furniture placement,  paint anxiety and unique ideas for accessorizing.  Then we'll move on to how art, lighting and window treatments make or break a room, how color affects mood and ways to layer styles. (So you don't have to throw everything you own away!)  Whether you want to change one room or your entire home, come for an afternoon of discovering the designer within and learning trade secrets.

Dena Tremblay began designing and working with interiors when her sons were small.  She has a background in fine art from UNH and a voracious appetite for beauty and change.  Four boys, a business degree, and years later, she is still learning, creating, exploring and loving what she does!

Mah Jongg for Beginners
30551                                           Class Size: Min: 8  Max: 8
4 Wednesday: 3/30 - 4/20                         10:00 AM - Noon
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $39 Mah Jongg cards included

Mah Jongg is an ancient Chinese game combining skill with luck. It is played with four players, involving 152 tiles. It is a stimulating mental activity which we all need as we get older. Warning -- this game is fun,  challenging and addictive! Class time will be spent on hands-on instruction and actual playing of the game.

Sue Bergoffen remembers her mother and friends calling out the names of Mah Jongg tiles as she fell asleep on Tuesday evenings. She has now played for many years and loves teaching others the joy of the game. Mah Jongg is increasing in popularity as we look for ways to be with friends and to challenge our thinking skills.

Making History Come Alive Through Writing
30552                                         Class Size: Min: 6  Max: 12
1 Wednesday: 6/1                                            1:00-3:00 PM
Remick Country Doctor Museum, 58 Cleveland Hill Road, Tamworth
Member Class Fee: $20 Refreshments included

Would you like to write a short story about an event from your childhood for your grandchildren?  Or perhaps craft a story based on your grandmother's letters or diaries?  Have you always dreamed of writing an historical novel, but did not know where to begin? Join local novelist June O'Donal to discuss researching a time period, integrating historical details into a plot and making history fascinating. Class will be held in the historic Captain Enoch Remick House in Tamworth followed by refreshments in the formal dining room.

June O'Donal is a museum educator at the Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm, teaching all age groups, researching, writing and speaking. She is also the author of The Fryeburg Chronicles, a series of historical fiction which takes place in Fryeburg, Maine.

Mill Girls
30556                                         Class Size: Min: 8  Max: 20
1 Tuesday: 5/10                                           10:00 AM-Noon
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15            

Our school history classes were a blend of memorization of names, dates and highlights of topics but usually did not include the human stories that shaped that history. This class will explore the impact of women on the Industrial Revolution and the textile industry in New England.  Mill Girls came from rural areas and had a new world open to them but also faced 13 hour work days and occupational hazards.  The emphasis will be on the women at the Lowell Mills but will also include life at the Amoskeag Mills in Manchester.

Paintaugraphy: Turn Your Photographs into Art
30569                                           Class Size: Min: 4  Max: 8
3 Thursdays: 5/19-6/2                                     2:00-4:00 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $20 Includes mats and paint

Using a photograph that you choose or one that we will provide, you will extend the picture with acrylic paint on a mat. This makes a unique finished product that shows off your artistic side.  This can be done with little or no painting experience.  A fun way to paint!

Tricia Chapman has been painting for many years, has taken many classes around the area and sold her oils and drawings. Carol Saunders has been crafting for many years. They are looking forward to sharing their lifetime of skills with OLLI students.

Professional Summer Stock Theatre: An American Tradition
30574                                         Class Size: Min: 6  Max: 22
1 Wednesday: 5/18                                      10:00 AM-Noon
The Barnstormers Theatre, 104 Main Street, Tamworth
Member Class Fee: $15

Explore the rich history of America's longest running professional summer stock theatre, The Barnstormers, in beautiful and historic Tamworth, NH. This insightful presentation is a "behind the scenes" expose of what actors, directors, and scenic artists really do in a professional setting. Learn all about the creative challenges of producing six full-length plays in an eight week season.

Bob Shea has worked professionally as an actor, director, producer and educator for the past 30 years. He currently serves as director of The Dana Center for the Performing Arts, Saint Anselm College and artistic director/producer at The Barnstormers Theatre in Tamworth, NH.

Senior Pub Crawl: Tastings and Lunches
30582                                         Class Size: Min: 8  Max: 15
3 Saturdays: 4/9-4/23     Noon-2:00 PM, 11:30 AM-1:30PM
Tamworth Distillery, 15 Cleveland Road, Tamworth
Member Class Fee: $25 Does not include lunch

Join us for three visits to Conway area establishments that make whisky, mead and beer and learn about their histories and liquor making processes. Enjoy the tastings, discussion and lunch afterwards. ( Lunch will be paid for by the participants after the tours). You will first visit the Tamworth Distilling Company (4/9 Noon-2:00 PM), then the Sap House Meadery in Ossipee (4/16 11:30 AM-1:30 PM 6 Folsom Road Center Ossipee), and lastly Tuckerman's Brewing Company in Conway (4/23 Noon-2PM  64 Hobbs Street, Conway). This should definitely be one of your more fun Out and Abouts!

David Grasse co-owns and founded the Tamworth Distilling Company; Ash Fischbein co-owns and founded the Sap House Meadery; Kirsten Neves co-owns and founded Tuckerman Brewing Company. All are young creative entrepreneurs who love making their local, natural products.

Spring Birding in the Mount Washington Valley
30591                                         Class Size: Min: 4  Max: 12
2 Tuesday and Wednesday: 5/24, 5/25 9:00-11:30 AM, 7:30-10:30 AM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $20

Day one of this class will be indoors where we will work on identification of common spring breeding birds and migrants. We will look at bird slides, listen to some bird songs and calls and review a few bird guides. Additionally, we'll talk about binoculars and spotting scopes and how to set them up for use in birding. Day two will be an early morning walk in the Tamworth area. May is a wonderful time to bird in the MWV. This class is open to anyone interested in birds. Bring binoculars and a bird guide if you have them. If you are an experienced birder, you know how great a morning in May can be; if you are new to birding, you are in for a treat.

Susan Lee lives in Silver Lake, NH. A retired attorney and former special education teacher, she has been an enthusiastic birder since high school. In addition to the United States, she has birded in 11 countries, most recently in Panama and Germany.

Spring into New Ideas for Your Garden
30592                                         Class Size: Min: 6  Max: 15
3 Mondays: 4/4-4/18                                   10:00-11:30 AM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $25

This three part garden series will bring together new and old ideas about what is important in the world of gardening. Pollinators and their amazing world will introduce you to their importance and what you can do to encourage them to your garden. Composting 101 will help you get started with a style that is right for you. The practical advantages of raised bed gardening is a how-to class that looks beyond the traditional grid system of vegetable gardening.

Jackie Hamblet is a Master Gardener with a life time of having her hands in New Hampshire soil. Olivia Saunders is the Field Specialist in the Food and Agriculture Program for the UNH Cooperative Extension in Carroll County and works directly with the Master Gardener's program in the same area.

TED Talks Revisited
30599                                         Class Size: Min: 6  Max: 20
2 Thursdays: 3/31-4/07                               10:00-11:30 AM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $20

TED is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (18 minutes or less). TED began in 1984 as a conference where technology, entertainment and design converged, and today covers a wide range of topics. TED talks are a collection of videos by some of the world's most inspired thinkers. Join the presenters as they share some of their favorite TED talks, followed by engaging and lively conversation.

Patti Rau and Laura Jawitz are both retired educators who are passionate about lifelong learning. They have discovered that TED talks expand their knowledge and give them a deeper understanding of the world.

Watercolors Inspired by Bird Nests
30608                                         Class Size: Min: 4  Max: 10
1 Friday: 4/8                                            9:30 AM-12:30 PM
Granite State College, 35 Technology Drive, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

In this intermediate level class you will create a watercolor inspired by masterfully and delicately constructed bird nests. We will be studying the layers, positive and negative spaces, and colors of the nests.  Then we will learn how to layer the watercolors to capture the form of the nests and create an artistic representation of them.  As always we will be using our "Artistic Licenses" to make each creation our own!

Jessica Fligg is an award-winning artist working in oils and watercolors.  Jessica studied painting at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester and now works from her studio in Ashland, NH.  Jessica is passionate about art and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the arts with others.

White Mountains from the Lens of T.E.M White
30611                                         Class Size: Min: 6  Max: 50
1 Wednesday: 4/13                                         1:00 -2:30 PM
Granite State College, 53 Technology Lane, Conway
Member Class Fee: $15

T.E.M. White was a well known photographer of the White Mountains at the turn of the 19th century.  He was involved with the White Mountain School of Art and had a studio in North Conway.  There will be a power point presentation as well as many of the original photographs.

Carol Saunders and Lisa Dufault are lifelong residents of the Mt. Washington Valley. Each has always been interested in the history of the region and the art of the Mt. Washington School of Art.


Different classes are offered through-out 4 terms: Winter (4-week term), Spring (14-week term), Summer(4-week term) and Fall (10-week term). Note: If you find that we are between terms please try us again!

In addition to the Conway location classes are also offered in Manchester, Concord, and on the Seacoast. For a complete list of current classes please refer to the most recent OLLI catalog.

An annual membership fee of $40 entitles you to take classes at all locations!

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