Volunteer Opportunities Abound

July 17, 2017

OLLI on the Seacoast has grown its membership and its course selection greatly over the past couple of years. A dedicated group of volunteers have accomplished this, but OLLI on the Seacoast is looking for more of our members to share their talents. Many hands make light work, or so the saying goes… If committee work interests you, the Central Committee oversees the doings of the Seacoast including social events, membership recruitment/retention and satisfaction, training of volunteers, and any other activity that it can arrange. The Curriculum Committee is responsible for finding class presenters and delivering the classes themselves. Each of these committees meet once a month.

If you have a particular interest in a topic, you might consider becoming an OLLI presenter. Some of our best presenters are also OLLI members.

If you enjoy meeting new people and have some comfort with a computer or you enjoy speaking on a telephone, you should definitely consider being a class assistant! Class assistants are the face of OLLI. They contact the presenter and introduce him/her, they remind class participants about when and where the class takes place, and they greet class participants and take attendance at the beginning of a class. It is a relatively simple job, and you will receive training and you will be given written directions to follow. Please consider this important position.

Do you like taking photos? We need people to take pictures in the classes they attend. All you need to do is ask permission to take photos at the beginning of the class and then just use your smart phone to shoot away. You then email the pictures to sandy_oneill@comcast.net.

Are you a baker? An organizer? A decorator? There are lots of opportunities for you to use these skills at various Seacoast OLLI events.

Volunteers are the backbone of the OLLI organization. Volunteering is a terrific way to meet new people, learn new skills or use skills that you already have. Studies have also shown that volunteering for an organization increases satisfaction in your experience with that organization. Please consider this exciting opportunity. Contact sandy_oneill@comcast.net.

•             We are still learning how to use all of the bells and whistles on the new computer registration system. If you have checked that you are interested in volunteering but have not heard from us, it is simply that we are catching up on a learning curve of how to use the system effectively. Be patient and reach out through the email in this article.