Non-Member Registration

Non-members may enroll in an OLLI class for an additional $20 fee per class. “Guests” are not considered “non-members.”

Withdrawals, Refunds and Donations

  • Classes that are cancelled by OLLI qualify for refunds/donations.
  • Requests for withdrawals from classes or events must be made one week prior to the start date (of the class or event), to qualify for a refund; after that, fees are no longer refundable.
  • Neither absences nor presenter cancelations of a single session in a multi-session class qualifies for a refund. (note: Presenters who cancel class sessions are encouraged to offer make-up sessions)
  • Special exceptions to this policy will be indicated in the class/event/trip description, if applicable.

Guests and Guest Coupons

Members are welcome to invite non-member friends and relatives who might be interested in joining OLLI, to one session of a class, contingent on space/seat availability. Members MUST CALL the OLLI Office first, to ensure that there is room in the class for a guest to attend. Guest coupons will be included in class packets and should be completed upon arrival to class. Guest coupons do not cover any costs associated with class materials such as: lunch, admission fees or class supplies. Discounts or membership benefits offered through other organizations are not applicable to OLLI class or membership fees.

Tuition Assistance Fund and Requests

Contributions from members and community partners provide financial support for members in need. Please call Laurie Galletta in the OLLI office to request financial assistance –it’s an easy and respectful process; no paperwork.

Care Assistants

OLLI at Granite State College supports member accessibility. When a member requires the assistance of a caregiver or other support person, the program fee will be waived for the member’s care assistant. When applicable, material fees or admission charges related to the class or event will be collected to defray specific materials/event costs.

Pets and Service Animals

In an effort to reduce risk to allergy suffers and fragile or less physically stable members, pets are prohibited in OLLI classes, tours and other OLLI events. Service animals are exempt from this policy. Classes featuring animals will state this in the description.

Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

A special interest Group (SIG) is a group consisting of OLLI members that has a designated OLLI leader that convenes the group regularly for a particular purpose/interest not necessarily academic in nature. They do not involve a presenter.  They are all-inclusive and may not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, race, gender, religion or political affiliation.  Special Interest Groups are NOT part of the normal OLLI offerings overseen by OLLI Granite State College staff.  They are largely self-governing.  Members are not charged a fee for SIGs and there is no administrative involvement (no registration/ RSVP or promotion/emailing).  Members can learn about SIGs through OLLI Outlook.

Inclement Weather Policy

Granite State College’s winter weather closure process can be found at http://my.granite.edu/safety-security. The announcement will be posted on WMUR TV and its website www.wmur.com. Please do not call the OLLI Office as that recording does not get updated due to weather. The OLLI Office will be closed if GSC-Concord is closed.  For safety reasons, all OLLI meetings and activities are cancelled if the local GSC campus is closed. If GSC remains open but OLLI decides to cancel an event/class due to weather conditions, then an email will be sent to all members and phone calls made to all who registered or RSVP’d.  OLLI members are personally responsible for their own safety and must exercise good judgment when making traveling choices in inclement weather. The College advises them not to travel if they believe they are putting themselves in harm’s way.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity and intellectual truth are among the foremost priorities in institutions of higher learning. Without these, there is no real learning, critical thinking, creativity, or development of new knowledge.

It is essential that OLLI presenters have the right to express their views in a professionally responsible manner. It is also essential that diverse opinions are expressed and discussed. The views and opinions expressed in OLLI at Granite State College classes and presentations are those of the individual presenters and class participants and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Granite State College or of OLLI.

Testimonials from our members taken from a recent survey:

“[My membership with] OLLI provides me the opportunity to take interesting and stimulating courses, trips and eating out with OLLI friends.”

“I have met some amazing people through OLLI. It was not the reason that I joined but has been a bonus I cannot now live without. Many of the people I cherish I never would have met in my former life. The fact that I interact with people in their 60's through 90's has given me a new perspective and broadened my horizons - a blessing.”