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Welcome to OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute)

OLLI at UNH is a ‘learning for the fun of it', member-driven volunteer based educational program for lifelong learners age 50+ who are eager to explore ideas and interests in a safe and relaxed environment, with a community of peers. Volunteer curriculum committees develop programs in response to member interests. Courses are non-credit. There are no tests, grades, or college prerequisites. Events, trips, social activities and volunteer opportunities enhance member benefits.

Ongoing program goals include providing first-rate classes, achieving financial sustainability, expanding our community-partner presence, and making “OLLI at UNH” a household name in New Hampshire.

OLLI programs are held at university facilities or at easily accessible community sites. Classes are facilitated by volunteers, teachers and community leaders who enjoy sharing their expertise with members whose life experiences enrich an open exchange of ideas.

OLLI at UNH is one of 125 OLLIs at colleges and universities nationwide, all of which are partially supported through funding from the Bernard Osher Foundation. OLLI at UNH is a self-sustaining program that is supported by program fees, in-kind contributions from UNH, endowments from the Bernard Osher Foundation, member donors who believe in the mission of the program and corporate sponsorships. The size of the membership and the number of classes offered have grown steadily at OLLI at UNH since its inception in 2004.

Vision Statement

To be a premier source of lifelong learning and collegial activity for adults over the age of 50 in New Hampshire. 

Mission Statement

The mission of OLLI as a member-driven, volunteer-based program, is to develop and provide a broad array of affordable and accessible lifelong learning, social and participatory activities for active and intellectually engaged adults over the age of 50.

Values Statement

The core values of OLLI include high standards of program excellence with an emphasis on educational and social enrichment, volunteerism, fiscal sustainability, a diverse membership, mutual respect and member safety.


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Contact Us

The OLLI office is located at Granite State College, 25 Hall Street, Concord NH 03301. Hours of operation are 9:00AM-4:30PM Monday-Friday. Call 603-513-1377 or email olli.office@granite.edu.

OLLI Staff

Toniann DeSousa  Program Director  toniann.desousa@granite.edu

Tori Berube Program Manager  tori.berube@granite.edu 

Jennifer Saucier  Enrollment Coordinator  jennifer.saucier@granite.edu

Tessa McDonnell  Program Support  tessa.mcdonnell@granite.edu

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