Opportunities for Involvement

Count me in! Volunteer
April 30, 2019

Central Committee and Curriculum Committee meetings are always open to all OLLI members. Please feel free to drop in and check out these committees.

Central Committee meets the third Wednesday of the month from 10:00 AM-noon at Granite State College, Portsmouth. Curriculum Committee meets the second Thursday of the month from 1:00-3:00 PM.

There are many opportunities for volunteer involvement on the Seacoast. One opportunity that is available immediately is to be a Facebook Site Administrator for the Seacoast. This volunteer assignment would include posting information on the OLLI Facebook site every five days on behalf of the Seacoast. There is currently an administrator who can share the job and train the new volunteer. If you enjoy working with social media, consider this position.

Other volunteer opportunities include both short term and long term tasks.

If you enjoy working from home, we have a task for you! If you enjoy baking or providing refreshments, we have a number of dates where we could use your help. If you enjoy greeting people and helping presenters, please consider volunteering to be a class assistant. Both the Central Committee and Curriculum committee would welcome visits from members considering joining the committee.

Please consider using your talents to help the Seacoast blossom as an OLLI site.

Contact Sandy O’Neill at sandy_oneill@comcast.net if you have questions.